13 Ouija Board Rules Ignored By 99% Before They Start Playing!

Ouija Board Rules

Ouija boards are tools designed to communicate with ghosts. They are also known as Spirit Boards and are commonly used for entertainment. Paranormal experts, as well as those trying to speak with a lost relative, will at some point use an Ouija board to get the answers they seek.

A spirit board is usually a flat rectangular panel. It will have the numbers 0-9, letters of the alphabet, “yes”/ “no”, “hello”/ “goodbye”, and other symbols displayed on it. A small heart-shaped piece known as the planchette will be used to spell out the messages. Those participating will lightly place their finger on the planchette, and it will then move around the board to spell out any messages.

There you are, sitting at a table with a group of friends, fingers on the planchette. You’re ready to communicate with the great beyond – but wait! You never know what you’ll find when dealing with the mysterious spirit board.


Rules To Using An Ouija Board.

Regardless of the specific reason you have decided to use an Ouija board, you must always remember that it is NOT a toy. There is much that can be learned, but if used incorrectly, it can be extremely dangerous.

The board itself is not dangerous, but the form of communication that you are attempting often is, So you have to be careful, you know. Here are 13 Ouija Board Rules Every Beginner Should Follow Before You Start Playing:

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