9 Signs of Depression in Women to Never Ignore

9 Signs of Depression in Women to Never Ignore

Although still a taboo topic to a certain extent, depression is a serious problem in need of an immediate solution. Depression is a condition of feeling powerless and lonely and is more typical for women, rather than men.

As a sneaky condition, depression is very hard to diagnose, especially if the patient is unwilling to show any related symptoms. Aside from being stressed and feeling hopeless, there are many other indications which can diagnose depression in women.

9 Early Signs of Depression in Women:

1-No Energy

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Depression takes away the will to be active and in good spirits. If you are feeling fatigued and overly exhausted for no good reason, you might be suffering a form of depression.

2- Poor Sleep

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Insomnia and related sleep problems can be direct signs of depression in women. If you are waking up in the middle of the night, struggling to fall back to sleep, depression might be the reason for it.

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